Summer in Greece

A taste of Greece and the Mediterranean

Day after day one culinary treat follows another. The Greek summer is overflowing with flavours and aromas; wild greens, fragrant fruits, legumes, vegetables, cheese, warm bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, homemade wine. Every place in Greece has its own microclimate. Every village, island and city has its own recipes. Whether you are walking with a slice of juicy watermelon along the beach, or indulging in a gourmet meal made with local produce, whether you’re dipping a slice of bread into pure olive oil or eating an oyster straight from the sea, the delicious flavours will delight your taste buds.

You are all invited…
…to the fairs and festivals of August 15th throughout Greece, with their rituals, lutes and treats… to the traditional weddings, and the bridal procession through the island’s cobblestone streets… to the Saints Day fairs, where the locals serve you homemade food, raki and wine… to the big parties,the cultural events and concerts at the open-air theatres overlooking the sea, or in the mediaeval fortresses…to the gastronomy festivals and ouzo celebrations. Hospitable and open-hearted,  Greeks are always ready to  welcome you with open arms and give you the best of what their home has to offer. Because they want you to get to know Greece as it is – pure and authentic. And you will invite them into your heart forever.