Top Location – Outstanding View

Plaka is located 22 km from Chania , part of the Municipality of Vamos, in Apokoronas district. Built in 70m above sea, Plaka offers a view to Souda bay and Akrotiri peninsula in the north west; Drapanokefala is in the east and White Mountains in the south fascinate with their grand volumes. There are permanent residents in Plaka, all year. Recently, it has been an attractive spot also for foreigners to live permanently. In the summer time, local people and visitors create an enjoying vivid picture.

Colorful narrow roads, traditional houses and popular architecture compose a pleasant environment to stay. Healthy climate, pure traditional products, good mannered and hospitable people, anything a guest would ask to have a nice time. At the same time, the nature around, beautiful and unpredictable, offers the opportunity for long walks on the seaside, to explore the caves on the rocky beaches or in the mainland to see the olive trees, the vineyards and the local luxuriant vegetation.

The village’s position gives all guests the opportunity to enjoy the sea on Almyrida beach, which is 1 km away, to walk to nearby villages or alternatively to relax in the simple, quiet and pleasant environment of the village, to meet the locals and to try the local specials and tastes.

Driving Directions

…how to find our small paradise!

From Chania airport, follow signs to Chania centre. As you exit the gates of the airport grounds, you turn right at the first intersection.
Follow this straight road until you reach a traffic circle. At this traffic circle, you turn right (following signs for Chania).
At the next traffic circle you come to, turn left (going downhill) now following signs to Souda (port of Chania).
Continue going downhill, passing a large bowling establishment on your right hand side.
When you come to a set of traffic lights you should see a sign for a left turn to Souda port and a right turn to the New National Road.
Turn right in the direction of the New National Road. Pass a petrol station on your right hand side.
Take the on-ramp onto the New National Road signed for ‘Rethymno’ (you are now heading east, away from Chania centre).
Stay on the New Narional Road passing any exits to ‘Souda’. Continue past the exits marked for “Aptera, Megala Horafia”. Pass also the exit marked for “Kalami”.
Note: along route, there is a small sign marked for ‘Amyrida, Plaka’ – ignore this and continue on. Take the right exit signed for ‘Kalyves”.
Once you have taken this exit, turn left towards Kalyves. Continue on this road passing an Eko garage/petrol station on your left hand side and this road then gets to a T-junction. At this point you turn right (sign reads ‘Municipality of Vamos’).
About 50 meters on take a right towards “Alyrida, Plaka”. Continue uphill – the road winds and bends and then goes down to Almyrida coastal village.
Once at Almyrida, take the right turn to “Plaka”. Soon you will pass a Jet Oil garage/petrol station on your left.
Continue on this road uphill and then downhill. As you enter Plaka village keep an eye out for a sign to Emerald Hotel (the sign is on your left).
Carefully take this left turn (cars may come from ahead and/or behind) – be careful.
Drive down the hill and you will see Emerald Hotel. Park at the end of this road and welcome to Emerald Hotel!

What our customers say:

We stayed at the Emerald for 7 nights in June. The views from the apartments are breathtaking. The restaurant overlooks Souda bay and has a pergola covered in grapevines and surrounded by lovely flowers, it is the loveliest most romantic setting.


Balconies have stunning views over the bay to the mountains beyond, especially magnificent at sunset. The restaurant serves ‘Cretan fusion’ food’ on a lovely terrace also with a fabulous view and has a great Greek wine list.


Simply beautiful there are no other words for it. We stayed for a drink and watched the sunset and the world go by and it was absolutely pure pure bliss. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone !!!

Ellie M

Πηγαίνοντας πρώτη φορά για φαγητό στο εστιατόριο του ξενοδοχείου Emerald στην Πλάκα στα Χανιά μείναμε κατάπληκτοι από την ομορφιά του τοπίου, την ανεμπόδιστη θέα στο μαγευτικό κόλπο της Aλμυρίδας, αλλά και το υπέροχο περιβάλλον με τα τόσα όμορφα φυτά που το κοσμούν.


Εδώ και τρία χρόνια το ξενοδοχείο Emerald αποτελεί για μας σταθερό προορισμό αν και Χανιώτες. Όταν όμως θέλουμε να χαλαρώσουμε και ν’απολαύσουμε ένα Σαββατοκύριακο στη φύση και με καταπληκτική θέα είναι η καλύτερη επιλογή.